Studio FAQ

Do I have to make an appointment?
Yes. You can do so by directly telephoning us, or by filling the contact form on our website.

How long does a session last?
Our sessions lasts approximately one hour and a half to two hours. This includes the consultation period and the photo session.

How many shots will the photographer take?
As many shots as necessary so that you have an excellent selection!

How long does it take for me to obtain my photographs?
Edited images are available three to five working days after the studio session.

How can I prepare myself for my session and what do I have to bring with me?
At Gift Photography & Video, we opt for natural and dynamic poses that are true to you. We therefore suggest you bring clothing that both reflect your style and that you feel comfortable in. Style your hair and do your make-up how it suits you best. If you like our colour or black backdrops, we suggest that all individuals of the session be clothed in coordinating colours (for instance, that all the individuals of the group be clothed in a pair of blue jeans and in white, black or other coloured tops that are in the same tones).

If you prefer our white backdrop, opt for vibrant and varied colours!!

These are merely suggestions. The important thing is that your clothing and accessories best represent you. With this, do not hesitate to bring your favourite objects, whether it is a toy or a musical instrument! These little extras will render your session even more personalized!

Checklist: Hair brush, pins, accessories, diapers, cloths, juice or bottles. And please make sure to measure your walls at home prior to your photo session so you have all the information you need on hand at your appointment for framing purchases.

Are there any types of clothing to avoid?
Thin stripes and checkered patterns are to be avoided, since these patterns may interfere by causing image distortion.

Can I obtain black-and-white photographs, sepia and colour?
Of course! We have a complete range of finishes for your photographs, including: colour, black-and-white and sepia.