Will we meet before the big day?
Absolutely! We meet every one of our clients before they make a booking. This is such a personal day, we want you to feel that we’re the right fit for you! We can either meet at our Studio, our home or anywhere near our studio or home where you feel comfortable.

Are you able to travel?
Yes! We travel all the time, and we’ll go anywhere, we’re always thrilled at the chance to work in exotic places, and just as thrilled to shoot in a local area.

We will need you to cover some of our travel expenses.

We don’t like posing! Will that be a problem?
Not at all. We love capturing people in fun/silly/romantic poses, but also really thrive on capturing people being their natural selves – laughing, chatting, gettin’ down on the dance floor… we’ll capture the honest moments that happen through your day (that’s the really good stuff, anyway).

What do you do to the photos/film?

Our editing process is very light. I don’t like pictures that look fake, or heavily retouched, or coated in layers of photoshop filters. I want my images to capture how your day really looked! All I do is lightly affect the colour palette, soften and sharpen, and adjust the contrast (having said that, if you’re sporting an unfortunate pimple in the middle of your nose on the day, I’ll get rid of it for you!).

I provide all of your images in colour, as well as additional black and white versions of the ones that really lend themselves to that style (usually around 20% of the images).

We edit the important and beautiful moments from your day to music, telling a story in an engaging and cinematic way. We don’t use any tacky filters or effects, or overlay any awkward dialogue.

Do you scout for locations before the wedding?
If the wedding is taking place somewhere where there aren’t many obvious portrait locations, we may go for a scout a few days before, but it happens very rarely. We both find shooting on the fly really exciting… planning a shoot down to each minute makes it feel too structured, and doesn’t allow for the magical little moments that happen when you just go with the flow.

But if you want to meet up earlier in the week to have a hunt around together, we’re always happy to.

Do we need to feed you on the day?
Yes please! All day photography and Videography takes a ton of energy, so if you could cater for us and our assistant that would be greatly appreciated!

Do we need to provide a “shot list” to you?
No, we shoot like photojournalists, capturing the day how it naturally unfolds. A shot list takes the spontaneity out of the experience, and won’t allow us to be creative and be truly “in the moment”.
All we need is a running sheet for the day with important addresses and phone numbers, and a list of which family portraits you’d like taken. You can leave the rest up to us – don’t worry, we love capturing even the tiniest of details!

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?
Then we get out there with umbrellas! Some amazing pictures and gorgeous moments have come out of celebrations with miserable weather… we won’t let it stand in our way.

What time of day should we get married and have our portraits? We want it to look as good as it can!
Try to avoid the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead (approx 11am – 3pm). This causes unflattering shadows and highlights on faces, and makes everyone squint! If you can, aim for a time where the sun is at a lower angle, particularly for your portrait session. The Golden Hour (the last hour of light before sunset) is prime portrait time.

Why isn’t the raw footage of the film supplied to us?
For the same reason that a photographer does not supply every photo that was taken on your wedding day: the discarded material is not worth viewing. When a photographer shoots a portrait, they may take 10 frames of the same shot, to make sure they get one perfect image.

Gift Photography and Video’s style of videography is not about surveillance coverage, but about capturing moments, details and atmosphere.

Do we get digital negatives of the images?
If you mean unedited RAW files, then no… the editing process is as much a part of Gift Photography & Video service as the photography itself.

If you mean high resolution JPG files of each of your edited images, then yes! Those are yours to keep… send copies around the world, share them on Facebook, do whatever you like! They’re your memories, after all.

How soon will we receive the film/photo collection?
You can expect your film to appear online and your photo collection on your doorstep within 6 weeks of the big day.

You can share the link to your film on Facebook and through email, so all your friends and family overseas can enjoy the story of your incredible celebration from home, and your photo collection can be copied and sent to whoever you wish to share it with.

How do we lock in a booking?
After we meet up and get to know each other a little, if you’re ready to lock in a booking with us we’ll send out the paperwork for you to read through and sign, and give you our bank details so you can transfer a 50% deposit. The final payments are due the week before the wedding.

Once we’ve booked, do we speak to you much before the wedding?
Of course! We’re always available to chat and help you with any concerns or ideas you have. We love to stay in touch with our clients in the lead up to (and after) the wedding day; it’s this connection that helps you to feel comfortable, and helps us to create beautiful and natural photo collections and films.