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Digital Invitations

Finally, a stunning, unique, and effortless invitation for the modern couple. Whether you’re having a formal wedding, a close friends ceremony or even a crazy rave, we’ll help you make it simple, fun and memorable.

What are they? These are a modern new form of invitations inline with the technological advancement of today.

Simply put its a video invitation that can be sent to your guests via mobile messenger apps (whatsapp), email and social media or hosted on the web (youtube & Vimeo). If you have people that have no access to internet we can always load your invite on to a DVD with your photo and name on the front and you can give it to those people who can then view it on their TV’s through their DVD players. 

We offer four types types, one that is designed with images you provide, one that is designed with images that we capture during a studio photo, one with images we capture on a outdoor photo shoot and a custom video invitation.

Digital Invite 1

Designed with images supplied by client

Digital Invite 2

Designed with images from s studio shoot

Digital Invite 3

Designed with images from an outdoor shoot

Digital Invite 4

Custom video shoot where you can be the stars, you can also write you own script